Binance Coin, Cosmos, VeChain Price Analysis: July 21st

Binance Coin, Cosmos, VeChain Price Analysis: July 21st

The cryptocurrency market today looked slightly optimistic as big companies and industry altcoin recorded a sharp daily rise on the charts.

Binance Coin welcomed the inflow of capital into the market and seemed ready to test the $ 290 resistance level. ATOM flashed a bullish signal as buying pressure rose. Finally, VET showed an upward trend in prices, but the same could be accompanied by high market volatility.

Binance Coin [BNB]

Binance Coin, Cosmos, VeChain Price Analysis: July 21st

BNB / USD, TradingView

Binance Coin went north overnight, recording a 6.6% increase. The price at the press was $ 280.31, and the bullish momentum could soon be taken over as the price continued to rise. BNB’s key support and resistance levels at press price levels were $ 260 and $ 290, respectively.

BNB has been trading in the range of $ 290 to $ 269 with strong volatility over the last 24 hours. However, at the time of pressing, BNB was tuned to test resistance levels of $ 290.The· Bollinger band Reading, which means that volatility is rising, was also diverging.

Capital inflows also surged, Chaikin Money Flow I headed north before dipping a little again. Unfortunately, the recovery of BNB is not yet substantial. Therefore, it would be exaggerated to say that the coin has already embarked on a bullish journey.The· Average directional index It is drawn below 40 and shows a tendency to weaken.

space [ATOM]

Binance Coin, Cosmos, VeChain Price Analysis: July 21st

ATOM / USD, TradingView

ATOM, like other altcoins, was forced to fall as prices continued to fall across the broader crypto market. The price of altcoin at the time of the press was $ 10.05, but thanks to the recovery, the market capitalization has risen 11.04% on the chart.

Buyers seemed to have an edge over sellers in the market, as shown by Relative strength index, At the time of writing. As buyers return to the market, demand will increase, which could lead to further northward prices. A bullish crossover was seen early on July 21st. MACD Blinking Bullish signal with green histogram.

To support the above statement Great oscillator It also has a green signal bar – a sign of bullish sentiment in the market.

VeChain [VET]

Binance Coin, Cosmos, VeChain Price Analysis: July 21st

VET / USD, TradingView

VET prices have fallen below the $ 0.062 support level due to the recent downturn in the crypto market. However, it rose slightly overnight, ensuring a 6.5% increase in value. The VET price at the press was $ 0.061 and the market capitalization was $ 4.08 billion.

If VET fails to maintain the aforementioned hike, cryptocurrencies will break through the support level of $ 0.580, and if the Bulls regain power, the main resistance levels to test will be $ 0.062 and $ 0.668.

The· Parabolic SAR Reading showed an upward trend in prices, as dotted markers were observed under the candlesticks. VET has a period of high volatility Squeeze momentum indicator Flashed squeeze release and short opportunities.

Buyer pressure in the market has regained lost power as prices have risen. Relative strength index I drew a movement to the north. However, at the time of writing, the number of buyers had declined slightly.

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